About Matthew and his Healing Journey

When I began my healing journey, I was in my early 20s. My father had just had
his second heart attack, and it was a real wake-up call for me! I realized if I didn’t
change some of my own ways, I might soon be walking down the same path as my
father. Perhaps you can relate? I think many people come to the wellness practices
after a serious health crisis, either their own, or that of someone close to them!
So after my dad’s heart attack I realized that I had a real need to walk a more
stress-free life. And that led me into the work that would come to be my career
as a stress relief and wellness expert. I now have more than 30 years of practice
and thousands of hours of training. I'm grateful for the journey that has gotten
me to the place where I am today. And I feel the deep gratification of helping
others on their healing journey as well.
The healing journey to me is like a hike along the NaPali coast of Kauai. It’s a
long hike, that isn’t all easy, but it is so worth it. Filled with breathtaking vistas
that take your breath away, and fill your heart with joy. And best of all, at the
end of that long trek, Kalalau Stream, the most generous, gentle, cool water in
the world awaits. It washes away all the struggle and strife in your life. A good
wellness journey is like that!
The particular journey of HeartMind Wellness that I guide people on leads them
into the experiences and awareness needed to tap into the stream of wellness. It
starts with realizing that there is no stream of illness, there is only a stream of
wellness! Illness happens when you are disconnected from the stream of wellness.
And getting back in that wellness stream is the journey of the HeartMind way.
The primary power tool of the HeartMind way is the powerful art of healing
touch. More than just a massage (which can be lovely by the way), HeartMind
healing touch is rooted in Eastern philosophy and a knowledge of the subtle
anatomy of life energy flow in the body. Pain and suffering are seen as a direct
result of impediments to this life energy flow. And freedom and relief are realized
when that flow is restored.
Like that cool dip in Kalalau stream after that long hot hike, or that first sip of a
hot beverage in the morning, or the wonderful feeling of putting your head on
your pillow after a day’s hard work. These are the feelings that are engendered
when you life energy is flowing freely. You feel deeply nourished at the core of
your being. You know your deep inherent value and you are able to live more
fully alive!
Now in my own journey, I was awakened by my father's heart condition, and it
led me to a dietary change, a lifestyle change, and ultimately onto the path of my
own healing journey. The particular dietary/lifestyle change that fell across my
path came in the form of Japanese traditional teachings. I learned the unique
perspective of Yin and Yang, and I began my walk on the path of traditional
healing wisdom. Suddenly, my life journey began to make sense.

I was raised in a relatively strict and conservative religious family environment.
In many ways, I was the model child. I followed all the rules, enjoyed the love
and joy of my family and its ways of worship. Then a few troublesome events in
my youth rocked my world. My best friend in second grade was killed in a tragic
accident. I was so completely and deeply confused and saddened by this, as were
all in our intimate parrish. Sadly, the consolation offered to me by the religious
leaders was that I should not be sad, as my friend was now in heaven with God.
That was little consolation. I wanted my friend on Earth with me. I didn't really
understand it at the time, but frankly, I was angry at God.

But the troublesome events of my childhood didn't end there. Five years later,
before seventh grade, my father's job changed, and we moved across the country.
At that point, I lost all my friends in one swift transition. I woke up that summer
in a new town, with a new set of challenges, and I soon went into Adolescence.
What followed over the next ten years was a relatively wild adolescent rebellion!

Fortunately, I was gifted with relatively strong intelligence and good study habits.
Even though I partied hardy, along with a rough and tumble crowd, I managed to
be an A student, graduated 9th in my high school class, and 26th in my college
class. Those ten years were crazy and intense! They were so completely in
contrast to the quiet conservative years of my childhood.

Then I was blessed with a powerful wake-up call when my father had his heart
attack. And I was blessed to meet the folks who suggested I look into traditional
Japanese lifestyle teachings. I was introduced to Yin and Yang, and my life journey
began to make sense. The conservativism of my childhood, swung to the wildness
of my adolescence, and now in my early adult life, it was time to find the middle
I found traditional training with a master Japanese teacher in NYC. Over the next
three years, I transformed my life away from a track that would have continued to
have me pursuing an intense fast-track livestyle. Now I settled onto the healer's
path and started my career as a Shiatsu Therapist and Instructor. What happened
over the next years was nothing short of a miracle. I launched a non-traditional
career that has paid dividends and rewards in service to the world like I never
could have imagined.

My life was truly turned around, and my life on the healer's path has led to so
many heartwarming and life affirming interactions, that I can only bow down in
gratitude for the grace that entered my life at that time. I could help so many to
find a new way to sort through their challenges, and find deep healing.
I have a hundred examples that I could share about people who have turned
their life around with these teachings, but one that comes to mind is one of my star
students. Let’s call her Jane. Now Jane was a hard working young woman, very
bright and very coordinated. She had a past of being a great student in High
School and College, and had performed well in athletics. In college though she
fell into the marijuana culture. And in her young career life, she actually got
herself involved in the cultivation and distribution of that fascinating herb.
Needless to say, with her go-getter nature, she did well. She ran a successful farm
operation, and was doing well. At least on the outside. Truth was, the stress, as
well as the peculiar side effects of the herb were starting to take a toll on her fresh
mind and clarity of life purpose and focus. She knew there must be something
more than slaving away to raise a crop each year, and dealing with the various
challenges of a quasi-legal shady marketing challenge. It caught up with her.
Just at the right time, she found the HeartMind school. She started to study the
sophisticated art of HeartMind healing touch, and to immerse herself in the
wisdom of Eastern philosophy. She soon quite smoking the good herb, and her
mind and heart began to clear. She excelled in the classroom, began to receive
deep and total nourishment that she had been starving for, and she didn’t even
know it.
Soon, she was starting a thriving practice of her own, developing her own clients
who loved and adored her work. She began to be part of the solution, not part of
the problem. She has now been working for a decade and is doing fabulously well,
bringing the gift of wellness to a broad and happy clientele. She’s replaced and
even exceeded the income she once had as a marijuana farmer. And, she’s helping
people feel better as she herself feels better and better each and every day.
To help people feel better, to relieve their stress and receive the nourishment that
they’d so long been denying themselves is a direct and beautiful outcome of
HeartMind healing touch. And these results are all waiting for you when you are
ready to pick up the phone and take a stand for yourself, make a difference in your
life, and get back into the stream of wellness. I’ll be happy to take your call, and
start your program to build a life free from stress, anxiety, overwork and burnout,
and filled with calm strength, deep inner knowing, and inner satisfaction aligned
with the stream of wellness.
The HeartMind practice is all this and more. For while I’m dedicated to helping
people one by one to make a better life for themselves, I’m also deeply committed
to an even bigger vision, of helping the world be a better place. A place where we
triumph over suffering, and let go of the burdens of old stresses and strains that
weigh us down. A world where wellness is abundant for all!

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